Board of Trustees

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As a state integrated school, we have a Board of Trustees made up of elected parents, appointed Proprietor representatives, a staff representative and the Principal. The BOT is charged (by the Crown) with governing the school – setting its direction and ensuring it is meeting the expressed intentions through good stewardship of the resources the school has.
  • Chairperson: Judith Bullin
  • Deputy Chairperson: Andrew Henderson
  • Principal: Mark Richardson
  • Staff Representative: Lyndon McIntosh
  • Parent Representatives: Simon-Pierre Mbonyinshuti, Zhu Hui Lam, Matthew Pratt, Mark Peters, Andrew Henderson
  • Board of Proprietors Trustees: Mark Larson, Judith Bullin, Megan Cassidy
The Board of Trustees has been intentional in choosing what it holds as policies.  Our policy model ensures all areas of the school’s operation have clear strategic direction and that the school is governed effectively.  All Board of Trustee policies are audited by the Board on a regular cycle to ensure they are effective in maintaining high quality learning for our children.  The Board of Trustees expects the management of the school to implement policy effectively.