Years 7-10

This part of the school includes intermediate and junior high school pupils. The middle years are unique in themselves. Tailoring learning programmes to meet the unique needs of this age group helps pupils to stay focused and engaged with schooling at a time when they are most likely to lose this focus. Our programme introduces the pupils to increasing levels of independence and specialisation in their subjects over the four years of middle school. In this way we teach pupils how to succeed in a high school environment while ensuring they remain focused and engaged.
Our specialist secondary trained teachers design programmes which prepare pupils to engage in courses of study at year 11 in any high school in the city. Our well developed academic programme prepares our pupils to succeed in the senior years of high school. Our close links with Middleton Grange School ensure a smooth transition for pupils that seek to graduate into year 11 at that school.
Our strong emphasis on pastoral care ensures we know each pupil well and can respond to where they are at. Our leadership opportunities encourage a range of pupils as well as our year 10’s to take leadership roles that would usually go to older pupils in larger schools.

Core Subjects
The core academic programme of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foundation Studies, Physical Education, Health and Sport provide a strong foundation for all pupils. We have a focus on critical thinking, problem solving and experimentation. In the middle years, teachers increase expectation in terms of reasoning and evaluation and model high expectations for their pupils. Academic challenge plays an important role.

Rotation Subjects
In addition to the academic core, we provide a range of subject rotations. Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Maori, French, Technology options (including; hard materials, graphics, digital media, soft materials, food nutrition, electronics, arts) at either Manning (Year 7/8) or Middleton Grange (yr 9/10) are part of the programme. Programmes that promote social responsibility, good citizenship and ethical behaviour include Foundation Studies, Life Skills and Word in Action.
Service projects connect the school with the community, fostering a partnership between the two and provide pupils social and citizenship responsibilities. Our “Word in Action” provides opportunities for pupils to serve the community.