Years 0-2

Years 0–2
Each pupil entering school comes with a variety of learning experiences and these are drawn together to create a unique start for your child’s education. Developing strong understandings in these beginning years, along with Biblical concepts in each curriculum area provide the basis for a strong foundation for school life.

New Entrants–Year 1
As the gateway to your child’s education, new entrant classrooms provide a stimulating environment where children are introduced to routines and learning habits, which will stand them in good stead for their future. Teachers welcome each pupil, building skill development and basic understandings in all curriculum areas. Small class numbers are an irreplaceable advantage for each pupil and time is spent exploring, and working, with different learning styles to ensure the best possible start for each pupil.

Years 1–2
These are important years for developing confidence in being at school and in school routines. Children in these years are developing greater independence and can usually hang up their own bags and manage their own belongings independently in the classroom. The programme at this level has a strong emphasis on getting reading, writing and basic numeracy firmly underway. The developmental programme is a feature of this level.