Fees & Voluntary Donations

What does it cost to attend Aidanfield Christian School?

Domestic Pupils Attendance Dues

For domestic pupils the answer to this question may surprise you in a very pleasant way. We are committed to high quality Christian education while keeping financial costs to our parents and caregivers as low as possible.
Apart from the usual uniform and book costs associated with any school there are a number of costs that parents must be aware of.

Attendance Dues

These are the compulsory charges that all parents must pay each year that they have children at the school. Attendance Dues are paid directly to the Board of Proprietors. As the ‘owners’ of the school this group is responsible for all land and building developments. Land and buildings are the only things that these dues are able to be spent on. The Proprietors of our school believe that Christian education should be available to all who desire this option for their children. The attendance dues structure compares very well with other Christian Schools.
The Proprietors reserve the right to review and adjust the level of attendance dues at any time.

Activity Fee

The school administers an activity fee each year to cover the cost of small incidental expenses.
It is the responsibility of the parents or caregivers to ensure this activity fee is paid in the year it is charged. Activity Fee payment will vary from pupil to pupil depending on activities they participate in and stationery they buy from the school. An average estimated amount is $80.00 per pupil per year. This does not cover big events like camps or ski trips, which may be additional costs through the year.
At the end of each term parents are sent an Activity Fee statement showing the amount due.
Payments can be made through cheque, cash or internet banking into the school bank account.

Voluntary Donations

The voluntary donation amount is suggested as $200 per child per year. The scheme asks parents to consider how much they are able to afford and contribute that amount. For some this might be $10 while for others they may want to give much more than the suggested amount. The donation is flexible to accommodate the changing needs of families each year. Where a financial donation is not possible parents may prefer to donate of their time and a suggested amount is 5 hours per term per family. More information on the donation scheme is available from the school office.