Statement of Faith

At Aidanfield Christian School:
  1. We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who is the creator and sustainer of all life.
  2. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, His incarnation, virgin birth, death, resurrection and ascension, and that through Him alone we can receive salvation and new life.
  3. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, is true and absolutely trustworthy. It is the basis for faith and the framework of reference for all aspects of life.
  4. We believe that people were created in the image of God but through sin all are separated from Him. Jesus Christ, God's Son, through His sinless life and death on a cross, provided forgiveness for sin, and a way back to God for all who accept Him as Lord.
  5. We believe the Holy Spirit is active in drawing people to Christ and is the revealer of all true knowledge and wisdom. The Holy Spirit works to form the life of Christ in the believer and gives gifts for service and power to live a Christian life.
  6. We believe that Jesus is the head of the body of Christ, the church. All who acknowledge Him have a responsibility to relate in fellowship and worship.
  7. We believe in the return of Jesus Christ, and His judgement on all mankind bringing everlasting separation and punishment to those who reject Him and eternal life and glory to all who receive Him.