Welcome to our International Students

Welcome to our International Information Page. 

We are located in the south-west of Christchurch and we provide educational opportunities for students from 5-15 years of age (Years 1-10). Because of our small size and excellent staff, we know and care for our pupils very well. Our school has a focus on excellence in academic learning. Most of our classes have between 17 - 27 students in them which means we can treat each child as an individual. 

Strong academic programmes ensure that over 85% of our pupils are at or above national expectations in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  We offer a range of other academic programmes such as Science, Languages and Technology.

Our values of Excellence, Faithfulness, Integrity and Stewardship guide our approach to teaching and learning and we take great delight in seeing each of our pupils succeed.

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What we can offer

Aidanfield Christian School can offer a wide variety of options for international students and teachers. These include:

International students are placed in our classes with English speaking children who are the same age. Students are fully immersed in all aspects of classroom life, including sport. Classroom and pastoral support is also provided by our excellent team of English language teachers and teacher aides.

Please email international@aidanfield.school.nz for further information.

School Prospectus

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What people say about us...

Our boys, Arthur and Zale Tian have enjoyed their studies and made good progress in their academic studies. We are happy and satisfied with Aidanfield Christian School since our boys started in early 2019 until now.  Tian family (China)

My daughter, Vicky Zhang, has made good progress in her academic study since January 2019. We are happy and satisfied with Aidanfield Christian School. Zhang family (China)
Aidanfield Christian School is surrounded by natural environments. There are devoted teachers who have a great smile, professional, and show fruits of the spirit as well. It is an important thing for me to choose the school where students who like to help a new student believe in God.
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Email:  international@aidanfield.school.nz |  Phone: 0064 (0)3 338 8153
Open hours: 8.30am - 3.30pm, Monday - Friday (excl. school holidays). Timezone: (UTC+12:00).