Board of Proprietors

As a state integrated school, we are owned by the Proprietors of the school not the Government. The Proprietors are a trust who are charged with the protection of the special character of the school. They also own and develop the land and buildings of the school. The attendance dues charged by the Proprietors are a compulsory fee that all parents must pay each year. This fee goes to the Proprietors (not the Board of Trustees) and can only be used for the development of the land and buildings.
The proprietors of Aidanfield Christian School are the Christian Schools Trust (CST) and this trust also is proprietor of Middleton Grange School and Ashburton Christian School.  The CST also owns Cornerstone Early Learning Centre in Papanui and Aidanfield.


  • Chairperson: Peter Van Rij
  • Deputy Chairperson: Aaron Donaldson
  • Joseph McKone
  • Richard Smart
  • David Bayne
  • Peter Marshall
  • Brian Koller