We would love your feedback

Published on Wednesday, 3 April 2019, 10:27 a.m. Print Article

It is two and a half weeks since the event of March 15 saw the school go into lockdown - an event we had rehearsed, but in my many years of teaching had never had need for in a real situation.

The school going into lockdown was a first, and as a school - pupils, parents and teachers, I am sure we have learnt a lot of challenging lessons.  We are aware there are things that as a school, we could have done better, and there were things we did well.  To that end, I invite any interested parents to join me in the staffroom on Wednesday of next week (10 April) from 2.30 - 3pm for the purpose of providing constructive feedback to the school. I realise this time will not suit all of you, so please feel free to email me your thoughts at kaye.lawn@aidanfield.school.nz if you are unable to make it and wish to feed back.
We appreciate the support of the parent community in moving our school to grow in every aspect of what we do, and look forward to your input as we chat.