School App Information

Published on Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 1:15 p.m. Print Article

Great news - our school app is now available to download.
To download the app just search SchoolAppsNZ in the app store, and then enter Aidanfield Christian School to find our School App. 
These are the links available on our app: 
Absentee - You can click on this and either call or email the school for any child who is absent from school or going to be late
Contacts - A list of email addresses for key staff members
Links - A direct link to our school website
Calendar - A direct link to our calendar page on our website
Newsletter - A direct link to our news page on our website
Sports - A direct link to our sports page on our website
Alers - This will show any alerts that are sent out by the school. Please make sure you are subscribed. You will be asked when you first open the app.